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4Carriers Global is a provider of telecommunication services on the Polish market and internationally. We specialize in co-operation with the operators of wholesale, business and institutional customers. Our offer includes support for voice calls, Internet and infrastructure.

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4Carriers Global proposes lots of various solutions. Thanks for that our offer always meet customer expectations. The company that uses our services will get an effective and individually adapted offer at the attractive prices.


The telecommunication services we provide are characterized by top global standards at competitive prices. Professional customer service is achieved through the use of cutting-edge technologies and the employment of experienced and highly competent staff. Due to the excellent telecommunication support we gain the trust of the customers who can focus on their core business.


We are trustworthy because of our practice and high level of knowledge about modern technologies. 4Carriers Global personnel are experienced professionals equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of the construction and operation of telecommunications networks. Striving for continuous development, we use the most modern technologies and successfully undertake innovative projects. It all proves our reliability and a strong position in the telecommunications market.

what are our greatest strengths?

Telecommunications market is one of the most dynamically developing branches of new technologies. In providing its services, 4Carriers Global adopted the principle to keep up with any changes and meet all the needs of the potential customer. Therefore, our company has high flexibility. Constantly we adapt to the changing expectations of customers and we treat meeting their needs as our priority. The quality of services offered by 4carriers Global is comparable to the services offered by the major worldwide operators.


4Carriers Global offer is addressed to national and foreign telecommunication operators providing services on the national market. Includes comprehensive services for cable network operators, operators of buildings, ISP, call center and other alternative telecommunication operators. We ensure control of directing voice traffic process (routing), and control of resources availability at contact points and sent internetworking information. Used by us automated systems of frauds detection reduce risk of abuse against telecommunication operators to minimum level. Offer ensures operators numbering of 4Carriers Global in all numbering zones. Each of our partners we provide locational - informational platform and possibility to use latest technological solutions. Domestic and foreign operators can also take advantage of the offer of cooperation within the reseller channel.


Offer within operators collaboration involves transit of national and foreign connections. Service is provided based on VoIP, SIP and traditional technologies- TDM- SS7 and DSS1. We make bilateral agreements, which offer telecom operators possibility of bilateral traffic exchange. Interconnect ensures the highest quality of services at attractive price. This enables aggregation of many operators traffic, both domestic and foreign.


Thanks to cooperation with Orange Poland SA we offer telecommunication operators numbering from any numbering area in Poland. Operators who already have own numbering can take advantage of broadcast numbering services in other national networks. Furthermore as part of our offer we propose possibility to order numbering in selected countries around the world.


4Carriers Global offer addressed to telecommunication operators includes access to the Location and Information Platform with the Central Database. It allows for location of network termination (phone) for emergency services needs and implementation process of numbering transfer. Service also gives access to database of landline numbers and numbers transferred across mobile networks. Within the offer customer can take advantage of both modules in our possession. We guarantee appropriate and comprehensive solutions for PLI CBD adapted to individual needs of the operator.


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